New owners zone in on fun at Zone 152

By Hayden Tucker

Under new ownership, Zone 152 is hoping to establish itself as a place for people of all ages to have fun.
Formerly Play Zone, the multi-purpose activity building has attractions ranging from inflatables to laser tag.
With a new emphasis on age inclusion, Zone 152 is attempting to appeal to people from all walks of life.
“The play-zone side, with the inflatables, people typically think younger people with that, but that’s why I changed the name to Zone 152,” owner Brandi Combs said. “Because with laser tag, a lot of the parents play laser tag when they have their kids’ party there. I’ve even had church groups hold their adult Sunday school parties in the laser tag area.
“I don’t want it to be specific to a certain crowd. I’d like it to be a broader range of people.”
Activities at Zone 152 include inflatables, laser tag, dodgeball and batting cages.
Combs will soon be adding basketball and soccer goals.
There is a concession stand in the main building, and vending machines are located near the dodgeball and batting cage areas.
Customers can purchase a $7 pass for open play inflatables. Laster tag costs $7 per game. An open play pass that provides two laser tag games, and inflatables costs $14.
A $20 combo pass gives customers open play for three laser tag games, inflatables, as well as one candy and one drink.
A $24 combo allows for four laser tag games and inflatables.
Open play hours are every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Hours during the week vary.
Small rooms for events can be rented for $20 over two hours. A large party room can be reserved for two hours for $180.
In the few weeks since she took over, Combs set out to make improvements to the business, including painting the walls and floors and ordering new laser tag vests. Not only will she be making improvements to the building, she plans to add new activities as well.
“I’ve thought about doing some dodgeball tournaments if I could get enough interest in there. My step-dad is a painter, so he’s talked about doing some painting parties.”
Combs, a resident of Mustang since she was six years-old, has envisioned owning a business where the community can come to relax and have fun. When she saw her opportunity to purchase Zone 152, she knew she couldn’t pass it up.
“Several years ago, I had thought about dodgeball and owning a business that was just a fun place to be,” she said. “I wanted A place for kids to hang out that was safer and didn’t have to include alcohol. When I saw the for-sale sign, I called, and she said they had one other person and it fell through, so I thought, ‘man, I’d hate for it to go under.’”
“I’d always wanted to do something like that anyway.”
What Combs is looking forward to most is doing what she loves.
“I like to play,” she said. “It’s just a good, clean place to play and have a good time.”
Zone 152 is at 189 N. Centennial Way. Its phone number is 996-8475.

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