Former Mustang Touchdown Club president misses hearing on Wednesday

By Brody Feldmann

and Chris Eversole

Raymond Craig Davis Jr., the former president of the Mustang Touchdown Club, did not appear at his scheduled preliminary hearing conference on charges that he embezzled $10,120.55 from the organization over 18 months.
Canadian County Special Judge Jack McCurdy said that he would authorize a bench warrant for Davis for failure to appear.
Davis or his attorney could prevent the warrant from being issued by contacting Canadian County District Court, McCurdy said.
When contacted by the Mustang News, Davis said that he was not aware of hearing.
“It has been moved,” he said.
Later, he said an attorney he fired had failed to file paperwork requesting a new hearing date.
His new attorney is handling the request.
Officials with the Canadian County district attorney’s office said their records indicated that the hearing was set for Wednesday.
Davis, 48, was the president of the booster club for three to four years, and he was involved with it since 2005, according to court documents.
Davis was charged in June.
According to court records, Davis opened an account at Cornerstone Bank in July 2014 with two co-signers. In April 2016, he opened an account at Yukon National Bank requiring only his signature.
Davis then converted income and expenses for official club business from Cornerstone account to YNB, the affidavit of probable cause stated.
Davis was then the only user of the account at Cornerstone Bank for 1½ years while using the account for various cash and check deposits from club activities, the document stated. He is accused of making withdrawals for personal use.
The Cornerstone Bank account was closed Feb. 13 when Davis withdrew the final 62 cents in the account and placed the change ‘in his pocket,” the affidavit stated.
An audit showed that there were 21 withdrawals of cash totaling $9,635.86 from the club’s accounts. Of those withdrawals, there was no documentations related to $6,380.
According to the audit, the club’s debit card was used “excessively” without proper documentation. It pointed out that over the 18-month-audit, the club had inflows of $269,129 and outflows of $269,639, putting it in a deficit.
Concerns about possible similar situations prompted the school to make changes in how booster clubs are operated.
Davis has denied the allegations after the charges were made.
“I didn’t do anything. I did nothing wrong. The only thing I did was, I was a poor bookkeeper. I didn’t keep records of things like I should have,” Davis said.

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