Man shot to death by deputies identified

The man shot and killed by five Canadian County sheriff deputies on Monday has been identified as Alexander Lindahl, 24, of Mustang.
Lindahl, who is accused of stealing a pickup from a Tuttle-based business, led officers on a chase that went through Union City, El Reno and Okarche and reached speeds of more than 100 mph.
The chase ended just north of the Kingfisher County line in Okarche after he lost control of the pickup in wet grass and spun the vehicle into the center median. Lindahl allegedly exited the vehicle while carrying a handgun and was subsequently shot by five Canadian County deputies.
The deputies have been identified as Maj. John Bridges, Lt. Bryan Dellinger, Lt. Jason Glass, deputy Chris Sonaggera and deputy Christopher Contreras.
Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said the officers were placed on administrative leave as a routine step as the investigation continues.
“Being placed on paid administrative leave is not a punitive action, but rather a routine step while the matter is being investigated. It’s no indication that any of them have done anything wrong,” West said.
The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is reviewing the case.
Lindahl had an extensive criminal background that includes convictions for theft and sexual battery.


  1. Janis Contway on October 20, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    Terry Groover’s coverage of the recent killing of Alexander Lindahl by five Canadian County Deputies in Okarche, Oklahoma contains very SERIOUS and LIBELOUS errors. Mr. Groover reported that “Lindahl had an extensive criminal background that includes convictions for theft and sexual battery.”
    Despite persistent stops and searches without probable cause by Mustang police, Yukon police and Canadian County deputies, the twenty-four year old Native American victim who suffered learning disabilities, PTSD and attention deficit disorder was attempting to improve his life when he was shot to death by deputies acting outside Canadian County jurisdiction.
    His so-called “extensive criminal background” includes ONE criminal conviction. At barely nineteen years of age, he took alcohol to a party hosted by a seventeen year old. At trial, he was advised by Irven Box, who later admitted a conflicts of interest, to sign a plea agreement which obligated him to serve four years in prison for “Distributing Alcohol to a Minor.”
    He served three years of his sentence before his throat was cut at the site of two arteries by a prison gang. When his medical care was not compensated by Indian Health Service, he was released.
    For two years, despite persistent illegal searches and fines for violation of obscure and bizarre laws, he was well on his way to improving his life when he may have suffered a PTSD panic attack and was mercilessly and needlessly shot to death. He has NO record of sexual assault.
    To make such serious FALSE and LIBELOUS charges against this valiant young man is both illegal and immoral. Legal action is under consideration.
    Please immediately print an admission of the error and correction easily visible on the front page of your publication.

    • Kellie Glass on November 1, 2018 at 1:09 pm

      I agree with you 100 percent . If you look more into the officers’ backgrounds you will see that they have had several misconducts. Glass has been convicted of several misdemeanors regarding a civil case. One of the other officers is not even a full time officer, he is a realtor. Two of the officers have been demoted within the last few years. These officers are known for this type of behavior. Speaking to several different sources they are all described as “trigger happy”. The sheriff will do all he can to protect his own regardless of the cost. I am sad to say it will take more lives to be lost before enough people will take notice.

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