Major Canadian County road projects on state’s 8-year plan

The widening of State Highway 4 and the construction of an interchange at Interstate 40 and Frisco Road are just two of the major projects planned for Canadian County over the next eight years.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation approved its annual 8-year plan earlier this month. The plan includes at least one road project in Canadian County for each year.

But 2019 and 2020 are big years for the area.

According to the plan, there are two major projects set for the county in 2019. Those include the construction of a 1,500-foot bridge on State Highway 4 and the replacement of a bridge on Interstate 40 Business in El Reno.

Combined, the two projects are expected to cost more than $21 million.

According to the plan, the SH-4 project is scheduled to go to bid in March and will cost about $13.1 million.

It involves the replacement of three bridges, including one over the North Canadian River and two smaller tributary bridges, with a single-span, 1,500-foot bridge.

Earlier this month, Yukon City Manager Jim Crosby said the project is slightly behind schedule with utility relocation.

There are four utilities in the area — Oklahoma Gas and Electric, Oklahoma Natural Gas, DCP Energy and Cox Communications. ONG and DCP have yet to obtain the necessary easements to relocate their lines.

However, Crosby said those easements should be obtained within the next several weeks. It is likely, the actual bid-letting could be moved to later in the year.

Crosby said he anticipates the contract being awarded in the fall.

That is just one piece of the SH-4 project, however. Two related items are scheduled in 2020 as part of a widening project. That project will involve utility relocation work related to a future widening project. The utility relocations are expected to cost $2.3 million.

The widening project is planned for 2022 and is expected to cost $19 million. That will involve adding shoulders and a turn lane from Wagner Road to Wilshire Boulevard.

A similar project is planned from Wilshire to Northwest Expressway.

Also in 2019, a $7.8 million project will replace a bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad on the southern edge of El Reno. It is scheduled to be bid this November. Work could begin early next year.

The fiscal year 2020 also includes the Frisco Road interchange at Interstate 40. That project is due to be bid in January 2020 and is expected to cost $17.36 million.

Preparation work on the project already is underway. That includes the widening of Frisco Road and the realignment of Vandament Avenue.

In addition, on the plan for 2020 are intersection modifications at US-81 and SH-66 in El Reno, which are expected to cost about $1 million.

In 2021, only one project is planned. That project will add shoulders and resurface SH-152 from U.S. 81 in Union City to Cemetery Road in Mustang. The nine-mile project will cost approximately $1.7 million.

Five projects are planned in 2023. They include obtaining rights of way on US 281 at the South Canadian River, upgrading drainage and roadways near the Caddo County line on US 281, Roadway improvements at SH-152 from Union City to Banner Road, and from Banner Road to Cemetery Road.

Also continued improvements to US 81 and SH-66 are planned in El Reno.

In 2024, only one Canadian County project is planned. That is the replacement of a bridge at Country Club Road in El Reno. That project is expected to cost $4 million.

In 2025, the final year of the plan, road improvements are set near the Caddo County line on US 281 at a cost of $2 million.

Officials with the state Department of Transportation say the plan is subject to change based on the state’s financial situation.

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  1. Mary A Montgomery on August 4, 2020 at 8:48 pm

    Quit taking the trees down. There is plenty of open farm land for you to plow through to build a road. Leave the trees alone.

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