El Reno man killed Friday in shooting

The man suspected of killing Ryan Randall Johnson on Friday evening, fired multiple times, several rounds from close range, police said.

Zachary Khea Huber, 25, is being held in the El Reno municipal jail. Information will be presented to the Canadian County District Attorney for consideration of formal charges.

El Reno police arrested Huber just after midnight Saturday morning after tracking him to a local residence. Police Chief Ken Brown said Huber was arrested at the home of a relative. The arrest was made without incident.

Police would not release a motive for the shooting, but social media discussion suggested the pair may have been involved in an earlier altercation.

“There’s a lot going on on social media,” Brown said.

Police had originally listed Huber’s birth date as being in 1983, but that was corrected Monday morning to 1993. He apparently turned 25 on Aug. 8.

Johnson was 37 years old, police said.

The shooting happened outside Ruddie’s Quick Stop, 1524 W. Elm, just before 7 p.m. Johnson was taken by ambulance to Mercy El Reno Hospital where he died.

Survellience cameras recorded the shooting. Police released a photo showing a man, presumed to be Huber, standing behind a vehicle at the gas pumps and aiming a semi-automatic handgun in the direction of the store.

Brown said it is believed the shooter fired twice at Johnson, knocking him to the ground before continuing to fire at closer range. Johnson was shot “multiple times,” police said.

Brown said as “many as three people” tried to intervene “in some form or fashion” to assist Johnson. One witness to the shooting reportedly jumped on the hood of Huber’s vehicle in an effort to stop him. The man was reportedly thrown off the vehicle and into the middle of Elm Street. He was not believed to be seriously injured.

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