Yukon football stats update

The Yukon football team had a bye week this week after completing its non-district schedule on Sept. 7 with a 49-27 win at home against Moore.

The Millers defeated Mustang 19-14 in their second game and shut out Edmond North 28-0 in the season-opener.

Yukon will open district play at 7 p.m. Friday at home against Norman.

Here is a look at the team and individual statistics through the first three games:

Team offense-

-Total points, 96

-Average points per game, 32

-Total yards, 951

-Rushing yards, 785

-Passing yards, 166

-Touchdowns, 9 (8 rushing, 1 passing)


-Antonio Washington, 28 rushes for 245 yards, one touchdown

-Landon Donoho, 35 rushes for 201 yards, one touchdown

-Noah Davis, 36 rushes for 153 yards, three touchdowns

-Isaiah Butler, 12 rushes for 105 yards, two touchdowns

-Caden Hernandez, five rushes for 42 yards

-Owen Olsen, one rush for 40 yards, one touchdown

-Total, 126 rushes for 785 yards, eight touchdowns, 6.2 yards per carry


-Jackson Young, 6 of 11 for 166 yards, one touchdown


-Owen Olsen, three receptions for 77 yards

-Payton Hofer, one reception for 50 yards, one touchdown

-Isaiah Butler, one reception for eight yards

-Colton DeKinder, one reception for six yards

Total, six receptions for 166 yards, one touchdown

Team defense-

-Total points allowed, 41

-Points allowed per game, 13.6

-Total tackles, 192

-Total sacks, 16

-Total turnovers, 4 (2 interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries)

-Total tackles for loss, 19

-Total forced fumbles, 5

-Total quarterback pressures, 16


-Kale Fouts, 34

-Jacob Pendergrass, 22

-Caimon McGee, 21

-Owen Olsen, 21

-Cade Peters, 21

-Conner Sudduth, 18

-Elijah Wallace, 17

-Jakoby Kopepasah, 17

-Cody Burch, 11

-Colton Humphrey, 6

-Luke Ringwald, 3

-Daxton Keesee, 1

Total, 192


-Cody Burch, 4.5

-Caimon McGee, 3.5

-Jakoby Kopepasah, 3.5

-Owen Olsen, 2.5

-Jacob Pendergrass, 1

-Cade Peters, 1

Total, 16


-Elijah Wallace, 2

Fumble recoveries-

-Cade Peters, 2

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