Film Study: Week Three vs. Westmoore

By Brody Feldmann

It is finally a game week that Mustang gets to turn on the lights at home.

Mustang hosts Westmoore (2-0) on Friday with the kickoff scheduled for 7 p.m. at Bronco Stadium.

But, before the game gets underway, let’s look at what the Broncos have to face this week from the Jaguars.

The Jaguars are coached by Lorenzo Williams, and the team really embraces the head coach’s mentality, being confident and gritty.

Defensively, the Jaguars can be seen on film flying around to the ball trying to make plays as a group. The group isn’t the biggest team that Mustang has seen to this point, but it is fast.

They are a good group, another four-man front and a lot of free-man stuff. They run to the ball well and have a lot of confidence in what they do,” said Mustang’s offensive coordinator Aso Pogi. “They don’t have the guy from Santa Fe and I don’t think they have the interior linemen that we played at Yukon. They don’t come off as the biggest guys, but they are athletic.”

After watching the film of the Southmoore vs. Westmoore game, Mustang will need to be able to get the running game going north and south. That is where the Sabercats did most of its damage against the Jaguars.

It will be an exciting week for us to see what we can do offensively,” Pogi said.

A few players to watch for the Jaguars will be Nikale Davis, 2, and Zac Johnson, 3.

Johnson is a 5’8” 180-pound safety who has the speed to fly around to the ball and make a play if a quarterback leaves the ball floating.

Davis is a 6’3” 230-pound defensive end who will also be seen playing tight end. Against Southmoore, Davis collected six sacks, a pick-six and two offensive touchdowns.

Offensively, Westmoore has had much higher play than expected at the quarterback position from Dayton Wolfe, 6, and they will need him to be on top of his game facing the Broncos defense on Friday.

Westmoore’s offensive line is big, but like the defense, not the biggest unit that Mustang has faced to this point.

Also, look for the Jaguars to try and get the ball into the hands of Kedric Britton, 16, a 5’8 170-pound wide receiver and arguably their best receiver Jacob Clark, 7, at 5’11” 175-pounds.

Mustang looks to get its first win of the season at home on Friday night. The Broncos will have to get a north and south running game going against the Jaguars on Friday to be successful.

I told our kids this week ‘that if Mustang takes care of Mustang, Mustang has a legitimate chance to win the football game. But, we have to take care of what we are doing first,” Pogi said.

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