Film Study Week Two

By Brody Feldmann

After a loss to Yukon in Week One the Mustang Broncos football team will travel to Edmond Santa Fe to take on the Wolves Friday at 7 p.m.
Mustang faces a lot of the same challenges it did last Friday, as Yukon and Edmond Santa Fe have a lot of similarities.
Offensively, Santa Fe brings a big offensive line into the matchup. Even though they are big, there are some plays they take off that Mustang could take advantage of.
“I think they are pretty physical. There are a couple of plays that they move the three technique from Edmond North 10 yards down the field with a double team,” said defensive coordinator Adam Gaylor. “We aren’t real big up front. Outside of Justin (Wardlaw) that is a concern.”
Kanan Hansen, 17, leads the Santa Fe offense from the quarterback position.
Just like any high school quarterback, if you allow Hansen to sit in the pocket he will find his target and hit it on the money. If the Broncos can get pressure on Hansen, he will begin to release some errant throws and the Broncos will get off the field on third downs.
“High school quarterbacks in general that is what you have to do. You have to get in the passing situations where you know you are going to get drop backs and you can add pressure,” said Gaylor.
Braden Reichert, 8, is a security blanket for Hansen from the slot receiver position. Look for Hansen to look for Reichert on key downs and when under pressure.
An Oklahoma State commit, Trace Ford, 1, will be found all over the field on Friday for the Wolves. The 6’4” senior will be seen at LB, DE and also find some playing time on offense.
“He is an exceptional athlete. He just operates very well if you don’t get hands on him. But, if you do and you attack him there are some chances there,” said offensive coordinator Aso Pogi. “We just have to know where he is at all times.”
Mustang will have to know where he is at all time due to him being a game-changer from any position.
The Wolves defense has a stout front seven that will be difficult to attack head on. In film, Edmond North had their best luck with the outside run game last week against Santa Fe.
“Number one, up front we have to be assignment sound. One thing we have talked about as a staff, is that we need to run right at them instead of misdirection,” said Pogi.
Edmond Santa Fe is a fast team and its quickness could hurt on plays such as play actions.
The linebackers have speed and use it to their advantage, but if the Broncos can get a run game going they will be able to find success in a play action passing game.
“I think you can expect a lot of different things. Offensively, we just want to get going,” Pogi said.
Mustang will have to come out and play better than it did last week to walk away from Edmond Santa Fe with a victory. Watch for the Broncos offense to look for a groove early to be able to settle down and run its style.
“Number one, we have to sustain drives. To be able to sustain drives we have to win on first down. If we can do those things to start and play fast I think we give ourselves a pretty good opportunity,” Pogi said.
Defensively the Broncos will have to slow down the run game and force the Wolves to run inside.
“We have to set edges. That is one thing last week that we never did,” said Gaylor. “We must stop the run, set edges and get them in third and long.”

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