Council adopts medical marijuana regulations

By Chris Eversole

The Mustang City Council reluctantly approved regulations on Tuesday that follows the state adoption of medical marijuana.
The regulations provide that medical marijuana stores be at least 1,000 feet from schools and parks, and it sets fees for the businesses involved.
The rules also set standards for businesses that grow and process medical marijuana and for residents who grow up to six plants for personal use.
As the discussion of the draft ordinance on the regulations began, Councilman Josh Leete said he was reluctant to vote on it because he needed more information.
“I don’t feel I could adequately defend this,” he said.
Mayor Jess Schweinberg countered that the city needed to act now because the state law is about to go into effect.
“It’s not going to go away,” he said.
“If we put our heads in the sand for a couple of months, it would be too late for us to have a say.”
If the city didn’t pass regulations, it could face lawsuits, and people could seek special use permits, which would be cumbersome to process, City Attorney Jonathan Miller said. Councilman Darrell Noblitt said he realized the city needed to adopt the regulations, although he didn’t believe medical marijuana was intended for medical use alone.
“It’s no more medical than my Scotch is sleeping pills,” he said.
Leete relented and joined the rest of the council in approving the regulations unanimously.

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