Sheriff to provide deputies at some Mustang schools

The Canadian County sheriff’s office will continue to provide on-campus deputies at several schools in Mustang.
The county commissioners approved the agreement between the sheriff’s office and the Mustang School District during its meeting Tuesday.
Under the agreement, the county will provide three deputies who will work security at eight schools, mostly at elementary and intermediate schools.
They include Mustang North Middle School, Mustang Trails Elementary, Mustang Creek Elementary, Mustang Valley Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Riverwood Elementary, Meadow Brook Intermediate and Canyon Ridge Intermediate.
The school district will pay the sheriff’s office $157,231 for the deputies’ services.
Maj. John Bridges said that represents a 75-25 split on the salaries for the officers.
The agreement with Mustang is a continuation of an agreement that has been in place for about eight years, Bridges said.
It does add a deputy to the agreement because of the addition of a couple of schools.
He said he anticipates adding another deputy next year with the opening of another school.
Bridges explained that while all the schools are in the Mustang district, they are not in Mustang’s law enforcement jurisdiction, but rather are in Oklahoma City.
There are concerns about response time from Oklahoma City, thus the decision to provide deputies as school resource officers.
“The school system felt it was imperative that they have law enforcement protection in their district, so we’ve had two deputies and this year they wanted to add a third,” Bridges said.
While District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader voted to approve the agreement, he also voiced concerns that this is something that Oklahoma City officers should be handling.
“The city of Oklahoma City has annexed up all these miles. … They don’t support the folks by their response, whether it is fire or police. They stretch themselves too thin. They, to a degree, abandon folks where it puts us in a position to try and come up with alternatives. They should de-annex and then the unincorporated areas would fully be our responsibility,” he said.
He also pointed out that the sheriff’s office was forced to hire additional full-time staff to handle the positions.
Bridges said a similar agreement is being negotiated with Piedmont for school resource officers.
The county already provides school resource officers for the Canadian Valley Technology Center as well as the county’s two dependent school districts — Banner and Riverside.
Meanwhile, the commissioners also approved a contract between the sheriff’s office and Heartland Medical Direction to provide services to the sheriff’s office’s tactical team and medical personnel.
The agreement will allow sheriff’s personnel to provide medical care on scene, something they would not be able to do without a staff medical director. The doctor, who will serve in that capacity, is volunteering his services.
In other action, the commissioners:
•Heard from a representative of Iron Horse Midstream about the location of a possible permanent pipeline crossing that would be on county-owned property near the Children’s Justice Center. The representative proposed several options that could be available for the crossing. The commissioners asked him to return at a later date with a primary option;
•Approved an agreement with Cintas to provide uniform services for several employees. The service will cost $65 per week;
•Approved the county’s holiday schedule for 2019. The county will follow the state’s holiday schedule;
•Approved more than 20 permits for energy companies, including OneOK Arbuckle Pipeline; Newfield Exploration, Soar Energy, S&S Water Logistics, Navigator SMS Pipeline and Marathon Oil;
•Approved two interlocal agreements with Piedmont for grading and mowing services;
•Approved an agreement with El Reno to assisting road work on five roads, totaling five miles.

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