Yukon artist to be featured at library

Phyllis Price’s artwork is hanging inside the homes of her children and grandchildren.

Soon, it also will be on display at the Mabel C. Fry Public Library in Yukon.

Price, who is in her 70s, will be honored with her first public showing beginning Saturday.

Throughout September, various pieces of her artwork will be on display. Price said she expects to change out the works each week.

She said there are almost 90 pieces in storage, waiting to go on display.

Price, who has worked as a job corps recruiter, special education teacher and office manager throughout her career, has always enjoyed painting. When she retired a few years ago, it became a higher priority. It became something that keeps her busy.

Inside her Yukon home, Price has converted a small bedroom into her studio. It is where she spends her days, getting lost in her artwork.

Over the years, Price has painted literally hundreds of pieces of art. Her children, grandchildren and friends have fallen in love with certain pieces. Many have been claimed.

Price said she was given an opportunity recently to show the work publicly.

“This is my first showing,” she said. It will continue throughout September at the front entrance of the library.

“I would like to show my entire set. I expect to change out the art every week,” she said.

Price is a member of the Canadian County Art Guild, which allows for her to get advice on her work.

A lot of her work involves abstracts, but she also works in acrylics and mixed media.

“I never wanted to sell them. They are my babies,” she said. But she also pointed out that art needs to be seen and enjoyed.

She hopes to use some of the proceeds from her art sales to set up a foundation to help wounded veterans. She said they need any assistance they can get.

“We lose 33 per day to suicide. It breaks my heart,” Price said.

She said the funds will be used to help veterans learn to use art to help themselves.

Price’s artwork can be viewed online at www.artworkarchive.com/profile/phyllis-price

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