Is it a mind game in Canadian County Bedlam?

By Brody Feldmann

Is it Mustang vs. Yukon or Yukon vs. Mustang?

Well, in recent years Mustang has owned the rivalry with four straight victories over the Millers. So, in that case, you would put Mustang vs. Yukon.

Since the Millers moved to Millers Stadium on Yukon Parkway (Mustang Road), Mustang is undefeated in Yukon.

The last time Yukon beat Mustang was 2013 at Bronco Stadium with a Mustang transfer quarterback named Hayden Somerville.

Since Yukon’s last win the Broncos have outscored the Millers 145-70.

This season, the Broncos return eight or nine defensive starters from a year ago. Yukon’s offense was led by one of the best athletes in the state, Perry Olsen.

Olsen and the Miller offense couldn’t get anything going until after the Broncos had built a 31-0 lead and started to pull starters from the contest.

This season Yukon’s offense will be managed by Jackson Young. A good athlete, but not near the athlete Olsen was. If a young defense at Mustang last season held Olsen and the Millers to minimum yards why wouldn’t this year’s experienced group do the same thing?

Offensively, Mustang is in the process of learning a new system. So, they are near the same situation Yukon was in last season while Yukon brings a stout front seven into the ball game.

Mustang hasn’t had any problems running the ball on the Millers in recent years and with a three-headed monster in the backfield, this season shouldn’t be any different.

If the Broncos are able to find its groove on the ground that will open the air attack and the game could turn into a shoot-out and that is what Yukon and that Miller offense doesn’t want to happen.

With a 26-18 series lead and recent history on their side Mustang has the confidence going into the matchup. So, expect the Broncos to come out firing trying to kill the Millers hopes early and not allowing the Millers to feel like they are in the game.

Everything points to Yukon this season with the game being played in Yukon, even though Mustang has never lost at Miller Stadium. Yukon has a game under its belt. Yukon refused to trade its most recent film with the Broncos.

But, at the end of the battle on Friday don’t be surprised when it is Mustang celebrating at midfield with its fifth straight victory tying the longest winning streak in history of the rivalry.

Mustang will be the more powerful team on the gridiron and will wear down the Millers as the game goes on late into the contest. Mustang will pull away in the second half for another comfortable victory against the Mustang Road rivals, Yukon.

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