Film Study Week One

By Brody Feldmann

It’s Bedlam week in Canadian County.

Mustang opens its season on the road Friday against Yukon at Millers Stadium.

The Broncos come into the ballgame winning the last four meetings between the two teams.

But, this season is different than the last three or four decades with Yukon coming into the game with a game already under its belt.

The Millers faced off against Edmond North last Friday in a Week Zero matchup, picking up a 28-0 victory to start the season 1-0.

The Millers head coach Jeremy Reed will be back on the sideline this week against the Broncos after having to sit out Week Zero due to an ejection in the final game of the 2017 season.

This is year two for Reed to head the Yukon program, which means it is year two for the flexbone offense.

Yukon has a new quarterback under center with Jackson Young calling the shots.

In that offense it always starts with the fullback. It doesn’t matter if the guy is their best player or not. You always have to eliminate the dive first, quarterback second and then rally to the pitch,” said defensive coordinator Adam Gaylor.

In the backfield for the Millers will be Antonio Washington (36), Noah Davis (17) and Isaiah Butler (2).

He (Washington) is a good player. That doesn’t change what we are going to do, so to speak. I think it is the philosophy of how you want to attack that offense,” Gaylor said.

Yukon brings back a lot of experience and talent from a season ago on the defensive side of the ball with the front seven leading the charge.

They didn’t want to trade film with us and so I know just from their scrimmages they have some good d-lineman. I know they have a good situation there,” offensive coordinator Aso Pogi said.

Jakoby Kopepasah, 99, mans the middle from his defensive tackle position while Caimon McGee (32) and Owen Olsen (7) attack from the edge for the Millers.

I think they have a good group. Obviously, they have some good defensive lineman. I think overall they are a good defense,” said Pogi. “Important for us is to establish a run game and run the ball efficiently and effectively.”

Yukon’s front seven picked up 12 sacks on the night against Edmond North.

At the linebacker position Yukon has Jacob Pendergrass (15) and Cade Peters (10) while Olsen will be at the linebacker depth in certain schemes on Friday night.

We look forward to the challenge come this Friday,” said Pogi.

Yukon will look to win its first Canadian County Bedlam in Miller Stadium since it was built in 2012.

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