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2018 YUKON FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Young ready to add to Olsen’s legacy

What does Yukon quarterback Jackson Young have in common with Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and Oklahoma State quarterback Taylor Cornelius?

It goes deeper than the position they are playing.

All three signal callers are replacing legends.

Murray is replacing maybe OU’s best all-time quarterback in Baker Mayfield. Cornelius is replacing one of the best to ever do it in the black and orange in Mason Rudolph and Young is replacing Perry Olsen, who was the key piece to the puzzle that started Yukon football’s return to relevance.

Young, a senior at Yukon High School, possesses a different skill set than Olsen, but there are similarities between the two QB’s.

“We are both smart, strong, fast and selfless,” Young said. “We are willing to take a hit.”

When it comes to differences, Young had one he believes he has over his former teammate.

“Personally, I think I have better vision,” Young said laughing. “He was a great player and even better role model. His leadership was second-to-none.”

Olsen has taken his talents to the collegiate level, so it is now Young’s turn to run the flexbone system under Jeremy Reed.

“We are in a great spot,” Young said. “We are way ahead of where we were last year. This year, I am free to make more reads, make audibles and I am ready for whatever the defense is going to bring. The offensive line is ready. They are young but they are hungry. I believe the most important thing about leading this offense is building relationships with the guys who are around me. We fight for each other.”

To the untrained eye, Yukon’s offense seems one-sided with the running attack and that the Millers don’t possess the ability to throw the football.

Young says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We can throw the football,” Young said. “We are going to surprise some people. We will have some defenses that are going to stack the box and make me throw. They will pay for it.”

Young said the skill group he will have around him will be much improved from last year’s team.

“The A backs are further along than we were last year,” Young said. “We are going to be more diverse as an offense this year. We are strong at receiver. We have some good athletes who can go get the football.”

Young said he has seen the Yukon football program take another step in the right direction this off-season.

“We have definitely taken that next step with Coach Reed,” Young said. “We are more confident, more prepared this year.”

Despite Yukon’s opening game being against Edmond North at 7 p.m. Friday at Miller Stadium, there is still more talk buzzing around the communities about the Yukon/Mustang Canadian County Bedlam match up at 7 p.m. Aug. 31 at Miller Stadium.

Young said he doesn’t want to hear about Mustang right now.

“We are not worried about the people down south,” Young said. “We don’t care about them. We are not looking into the future. We are taking it day-by-day and focused on getting better today. We are taking it week-by-week.”

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