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2018 YUKON FOOTBALL PREVIEW: McGee embraces expectations for Yukon defense

While some players shy away from expectations, Yukon senior defensive lineman Caimon McGee runs toward them.

Expectations are high for the Miller defensive unit in 2018 with nine senior starters and a potentially dominant front four led by McGee.

McGee will line up on the interior of the defensive line but also has the ability to line up on the outside of the D-line if asked to do so.

“We have high expectations,” McGee said. “Our experience is great and we expect to have a good season and to be able to compete with anyone we play. Our ability to win the line of scrimmage is crucial for the success of our defense. It starts up front and we are ready to meet the challenge.”

McGee said he has a clear mindset when he prepares to take the field.

“I am focused, but have a clear mind,” McGee said. “I am just focused on executing the game plan and playing hard and not worried about making mistakes. We put pressure on ourselves as a defense to stop people and help our offense. We have taken the next step as a program. Everyone feels better physically and our team speed is a lot better this year.”

McGee added that this year’s defense will be able to stop numerous styles of offenses.

“We can stop a running offense and a passing offense,” McGee said. “Our team speed and athleticism allows us to do that.”

Yukon will open the season at 7 p.m. Friday against Edmond North on Zero Week. It will be the first time in a several years that the Millers are not opening the season against Mustang.

McGee said Yukon is solely focused on Edmond North right now.

“Our focus in on Edmond North,” McGee said. “That is who we play in our first game, so we are not focused on anyone else other than Edmond North right now.”

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