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2018 YUKON FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Kopepasah is ready to anchor Yukon defensive line

Yukon senior Jakoby Kopepasah looks the part when it comes to being a dominating defensive lineman, now he says he is ready to take his game to another level in 2018.

The Miller defensive standout will man the interior of the defensive line. Kopepasah said he expects a lot from this defensive group this fall.

“This defense is going to be great,” Kopepasah said. “We have a lot of guys who have played a lot of football for us and we have high expectations this year.”

Experts say a defense is only as good as its front four. Kopepasah said he agrees and believes he and his teammates will rise to the challenge.

“Our front four is going to be really good,” Kopepasah said. “We are going to have a good pass rush and have a strong run defense. We have great experience on the front four. You have to win the line of scrimmage battle. If we lose that battle, it messes up the entire defense. Our linebackers have to come up and then our secondary has to come up and it opens the field up at all levels. We have to win the line of scrimmage.”

Kopepasah said he is focused when he is about to take the field before a game.

“I just picture myself having success,” he said. “I am thinking about the game plan and everything I need to do to execute the game plan and to lead my teammates around me to execute their roles.”

The senior defensive lineman said he has seen Yukon football take the next step in Jeremy Reed’s second year.

“We are building off of last year’s foundation those seniors left behind,” Kopepasah said. “We are ready to take that next step. Coach Reed has changed this program a lot in the last two years. He has instilled discipline and effort into our program.”

Kopepasah said it will be different not opening up with Mustang in 2018, but understands that every game is important.

“The Mustang game is just as important as the rest of our games,” he said. “Coach Reed said from day one that game is important, but every game on our schedule is important.”

Kopepasah added that he is looking forward to seeing how dominating this defense can be this year.

“It’s going to be great to get to be a part of this defense,” he said. “We have a chance to be special.”

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