Parks and Recreation aides grow close working for City of Yukon

Have you ever called the Parks and Recreation Department at the City of Yukon and wondered who the nice young women are that are helping direct you to the right spot?

Meet Haleigh Brown and Casidee Babin, your Parks and Recreation aides.

Brown and Babin have been serving in this role for nearly three years, while also attending college.

Brown attends Northwestern Oklahoma State University on a soccer scholarship and Babin will attend the University of Central Oklahoma beginning this month.

Brown graduated from Yukon High School in 2014. She has lived in the Yukon area since 2012 when her family moved here from Enid.

Babin has lived in this area her entire life but graduated from Western Heights High School in 2016.

Brown’s three-year anniversary with the City of Yukon will be in September, while Babin’s will take place in October.

Babin is scheduled to graduate from Northwestern Oklahoma State in May of 2019 with a degree in elementary education, while Babin is set to make the final walk in May of 2020 with a degree in kinesiology and outdoor community recreation.

When they first started with the Parks and Recreation Department, they were merely co-workers. Now, they are best friends and Babin will be Brown’s maid of honor in her wedding in July of 2019.

“We have created an everlasting bond,” Brown said. “It’s amazing how much we have grown together.”

Brown and Babin’s responsibilities include answering phone calls for the Parks and Recreation Department, help the public with questions and help get them to the right person to speak with. They also help work events that the Parks and Recreation Department puts on and helps set them up and break them down.

They also assist Parks and Recreation Director Jan Scott on whatever she needs.

When asked what they have learned in the past several years on the job, Babin said patience and learning how to interact with people.

“We were both reserved at first, we learned to open up and develop our communication skills,” Babin said.

Brown and Babin said working for Scott is a great experience.

“Jan is amazing,” Babin said. “She doesn’t get upset at us and she explains things so well. She has taught us a lot.”

The City of Yukon is known for the amount of events and festivals it puts on annually. Brown said she particularly likes two events the most.

“I would have to say the Mayor’s Christmas Party because the kids read their essays that they wrote at school,” Brown said. “Last year, they wrote about some of the best gifts they have ever received and it was incredible some of the things they were reading. I also like the Festival of the Child because it is great getting to interact with the kids.”

Babin agreed with her friend on the Festival of the Child.

“It’s just a great event where you get to interact with kids and the parents,” she added.

While they are looking to enter different career fields once they graduate from college, both Brown and Babin said they want to stay and work in the Yukon area.

“I know we both would love to stay here,” Brown said. “Getting the opportunity to teach at Yukon would be an amazing experience.”

“Working for a parks and rec department is exactly what I want to do,” Babin said. “So, if I have the opportunity to work her, it would be amazing.”

When asked what makes a parks and recreation department special and specifically what makes Yukon special, Brown and Babin both agreed on several reasons.

“The events that we do bring joy to people,” Brown said. “It’s really cool to see the same families come out to all the events.”

“Even the small things are important and that’s what makes Yukon so special,” Babin said. “They put the same amount of importance on everything we do. Everyone is willing to help each other and that is special.”

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