Mustang Schools select company to handle substitutes

By Chris Eversole

Kelly Services will manage substitute teachers for Mustang Public School beginning in October.

The school district’s new human resources director, Chris Tobler, worked out a contract with Kelly that the school board approved at a special meeting last week.

Tobler wanted to ease the crunch that happens every school day – when principals and school secretaries scramble to find subs.

They’re getting slammed,” he said. “I thought there has to be a solution.”

Kelly will use the same software that the school now uses to manage substitutes, but it will have operators available at 5 a.m., and teacher can leave voicemails saying they will be absent overnight, said Brandy Meisenheimer of the company.

Kelly will offer the substitutes temporary work during vacation period, and it will pay weekly rather than monthly, she said.

The contract with Kelly will help the district avoid hiring extra staff to manage payroll for substitutes as the district grows, Tobler said.

Schools will be able to designate “preferred substitutes,” and they will be able to ask that an unsatisfactory sub not come back.

Most importantly, school staff will be able to focus on other things, Tobler said.

There are huge demands at the start of the day,” he said. “It was a no brainer to hire Kelly. It benefits the kids.”

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