Yukon comes through for woman, 83, facing eviction

Residents in Yukon came through to help an 83-year-old woman who was facing eviction from her home of 18 years.

After the Yukon Review published the story of Clarice Glass in Saturday’s edition, several local residents stepped in and said they wanted to help.

One donor, who asked to remain anonymous, provided a cashier’s check to cover Glass’s current and past-due rent. The total was $1,000.

Another resident has pledged to cover Glass’s August rent, which is $550.

Glass, after being told of the generosity, was moved to tears.

“You don’t know how much this means,” she said.

Glass has lived in the little two bedroom cottage on Maple Street for more than 18 years.

Her son, Chris, also lives with her. While he is looking for employment, thus far he has been unsuccessful after breaking a foot earlier this year.

Glass said recently that she had been given until Aug. 1 to come up with $1,000 to cover a missed rent payment in February and her July rent.

In addition, she owed some late fees.

Her landlord, Cole Kroutil, said he was not insensitive to Glass’s situation, but the house has a mortgage that he has to pay.

“I want her to live there, but these are not my houses. … I tried to work with her for six months,” he said.

“We’ve got bills to pay too. I don’t make any money off of this. I do this as a family favor,” he said of managing the family’s rental properties.

Croutil said he manages property for his grandmother and his sister. Some of the homes once belonged to his father, who passed away in February.

Glass said she has been going through a “rough spot” after gifting money to a family member who was in need of help in December.

“I didn’t mean to go through a bad financial situation,” she said. “This is my home. It’s where I live.”

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