Fin’s Wish

By Chris Eversole

Finley Beller of Mustang has a big heart, and she’s turning down gifts for her seventh birthday – and instead getting items to help the homeless.
“When we were talking about what she wanted for her birthday, she said, ‘Mom, I can’t think of something. I have everything I need,’” said her mother, Ashley Beller.
Ashley and her husband, Greg, expect about 75 family members and friends at Finley’s birthday party, which will be Friday at City Splash in Yukon on Friday.
They’re asking guests to bring hygiene items such as soap and lotion that they plan to donate to the Neighborhood Services Organization and City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City.
Finley is putting money she earned doing two commercials toward helping the organizations.
The plans developed because Finley had the homeless on her prayer list.
“We saw a homeless man when we were attending the Lego Convention at the Cox Convention Center in April,” Ashley said.
“Finley wanted to give him money, but I suggested we find something else to do.”
Finley did one commercial for St. Anthony Hospital and another for the Oklahoma City Zoo.
“People always said she had a different look, so we found an agent and got the commercials,” Ashley said.
Finley isn’t sure she’ll continue doing commercials.
“She didn’t have to talk in the St. Anthony commercial, just make a face like she was sick,” Ashley said.
“She had to talk in the zoo commercial, and she would rather not have any more speaker roles.”

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