Brenna Olander set to take on best in the world at Junior Olympics

In an era where most children between third and fourth-grade are fixated on video games and the latest iPhone, Myers Elementary student Brenna Olander is slicing through water like a knife through butter.

The soon-to-be fourth-grade student swam eight events in the Oklahoma State Swim Meet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Mitch Park in Edmond even though she qualified for more than eight.

“I technically qualified for 11 events, but had to choose eight of them to swim at the meet,” Brenna said.

She had personal records in four of the eight events.

Brenna said she was most excited about taking third place in the 100-meter backstroke with a PR of 1:28.09.

She also took fourth place in the 50-meter backstroke and finished ninth in the 50-meter freestyle with PR of 36.20 seconds.

“I was excited about my 50 free time,” Brenna said. “I dropped almost a whole second, which is really hard to do in a 50.”

Brenna took second overall in scoring for her age group and missed “big point” by four points.

While the state meet is complete, Brenna’s summer competitions are not over. She and her family will hit the road for Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday to compete in the Junior Olympics this weekend.

She will compete in the same events she competed in at the state meet.

“I have big goals for myself at this meet,” Brenna said. “I want to go to get 35 seconds on the 50-meter freestyle, a 39 seconds in the 50-meter backstroke and a 1:27 in the 100-meter backstroke. Of course, earning a medal would be really cool, but most of all, I want to have a lot of fun.”

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