Cities, county share $7M in sales tax revenue

Canadian County communities shared more than $7 million in sales tax revenue in July, according to the latest report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

The report, which is the result of business conducted in the last half of May and the estimated business for the first 15 days in June, showed that the nine cities in Canadian County, as well as the county itself, received $7,053,424. That is an increase of $1,085,911 over the figure from the previous July’s check.

Every city in the county saw an increase in sales tax, although two communities did see declines in the monies they receive for online sales known as a use tax.

Yukon saw an increase of $126,497 in year-to-year sales tax receipts.

For 2018, Yukon received a check for $1,950,385. In 2017, that number was $1,823,888.

In use tax, Yukon received $157,379 compared to $107,482. That is an increase of $49,897.

Mustang also saw an increase of $86,096. This year’s tax check was $1,019,150. Last year’s check was $933,054.

Mustang’s use tax check was $46,352 and was an increase of $7,179 over 2017 numbers.

El Reno continued to see among the largest increases in both sales and use tax.

El Reno’s sales tax check was $996,414 compared to $850,275 from last year.

El Reno’s use tax check grew by $360,197 from $429,163 to $789,360.

Piedmont received $181,688 in sales tax, which was an increase of $21,089. Its use tax check was $30,477, an increase of $10,191.

In Calumet, the sales tax check was $59,353, which was up from $35,485 over last July’s receipts.

Calumet’s use tax was up substantially, growing from $3,533 to $24,699.

Geary, which receives funds from both Canadian and Blaine counties received $63,016 in combined revenue. That is up from $56,614 over last July’s figures.

The use tax for Geary also was up, climbing to $3,059 compared to $1,179 last year.

Okarche received $80,678 in sales tax in July. That is up from $71,751. However, the community took a significant hit in use tax, falling by more than $243,000.  This July, Okarche received $25,697. Last year, that number was $269,547.

Oklahoma City saw an increase of $426,862 in sales tax. This year’s total for Canadian County business was $1,854,797.

Oklahoma City’s use tax increased by $77,169. This year’s return was $463,269.

Union City had an increase of $56,453 in sales tax. This year’s return was $88,689 compared to $32,236 in July last year.

Union City also saw a $12,786 decline in use tax, falling from $16,467 to $3,681.

The county, which receives sales tax to fund the county’s children’s justice center, received a check for $759,254 for sales tax and $162,327 in use tax. Both were increases.

Across the state, $159,632,406 was distributed in sales tax collections. That is an increase of $13,140,339, according to the tax commission.

Use tax collections totaled $15,377,094, the report stated.

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