Yukon’s top-30 current athletes to be released in six-week series

Last year, I started a series where I named my current top-30 athletes at Yukon High School. It’s time to crank it up again for the second year when I start my top-30 series for this coming school year on July 14.

The series will run for six weeks and will conclude on Aug. 18. I will release five athletes per week and start with No. 30.

I will give explanation on why I chose each athlete and why I put them in their particular spot. The top-30 list is based on my opinion from what I have seen and the numbers each athlete has generated to this point in their career.

The list will only include athletes who are going into their sophomore through senior years. My goal will be to include at least one athlete from each sport at Yukon High School, but that is not a guarantee.

I understand Yukon High School is one of the largest public high schools in Oklahoma and there are more than 30 great athletes roaming the halls but I will do my best to pick the top 30.

Last year’s top-30 athletes series was success with Chyenne Factor taking the top spot in my rankings. I will re-rank the top 30 athletes after the school year is complete.

If anyone has any questions or concerns with my list, please direct them to me. My email is [email protected] and my office number is 354-5264 ext. 109.

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