Aydan Howard looks to make waves at Junior Olympics

By Brody Feldmann

Contributing Writer

It isn’t every day that a freshman gets a chance to compete in the Olympics.

Yukon native Aydan Howard will be doing just that when he travels to Des Moines, Iowa, to compete in the Junior Olympics on July 25.

“You’re going to get me teary-eyed because I’m proud of my boy. I have a total of five boys and to watch them succeed in all that they do, it makes you proud and makes you feel like you are doing something right,” Aydan’s father Bryan Howard said.

Aydan will compete in the Junior Olympics as a swimmer in the 50-meter free. In the next few weeks Howard has a chance to add to his success as he has qualifying meets on the schedule.

“He did it in dramatic fashion. His personal best time in the 50 free was 32.68 and he needed a 31.99 to qualify to the Junior Olympics. He qualified with a 31.64. So, he smashed his personal best,” Howard said.

The soon-to-be-freshman has been swimming for eight years. He competes for the Bison Aquatic Club based in Edmond.

Howard is excited to compete in the Junior Olympics, but this isn’t the ultimate goal. He wants to one day swim in the Summer Olympics.

“I am super excited,” Aydan said. “I was super excited and happy and speechless that I had made it.”

Before Howard can reach his goal of swimming in the Summer Olympics or the Junior Olympics he needs help reaching his destination in Iowa and he is asking the community of Yukon for help.

“I hope that they can just support me, cheer me on however they do it maybe a tiny bit of donation so I can make it there and back,” the freshman said.

One way to donate to Howard is by getting onto gofundme.com and searching “Aydan Howard Junior Olympics” and that way the money will all be in one place.

“The trip is going to cost us around $3,000. We have a GoFundMe set up for him and we are trying to raise as close to $3,000 as we can before we drive up there,” said the father.

Or you can reach out to Howard’s father, Bryan, by phone at 313-3137 or [email protected] to inquire about a possible fundraiser or just to donate.

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