Football aims to build in summer workouts

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Championships are won in the summer, not in the fall.
For the last few weeks, the Mustang football program has been hitting the iron four mornings a week in preparation of the eason.
“It is really good. I am very pleased with totals and the work that the kids are putting in,” head coach Jeremy Dombek said.
Former Bronco coach David Glidden had been running the summer workout program for the last couple of years, but he is now in Memphis coaching college football.
This summer the Mustang coaching staff has split the responsibilities amongst each other with offensive line coach Charles Stover taking over the heaviest load.
“The way we do it is it’s in stations, and each coach has a station, and we try to get everyone as involved as we can, and its going really well,” Dombek said.
Each morning session includes weightlifting and conditioning on the football field.
Every position has a different plan, whether it’s a different time for sprints, different weight for lifts or even a completely different lift.
“You are going to get out of it what you put into it, and that is the truth. If you come up a here and work, you are going to become a better player and athlete, but the number one thing I’m looking for is team unity,” Dombek said.
The different plans are to help each playerbecome the best player they can at their specific position. Lineman shouldn’t be expected to run as fast as running backs, and wide receivers shouldn’t be lifting as much weight as lineman.
Mustang will continue to hit the weights four times a week for the rest of the month, which will lead them into fall camp.
The Broncos are 57 days away from taking the field against the Yukon Millers in week one. In those 57 days, the Broncos will continue to prepare and improve for the upcoming season.

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