Sales tax continues to climb across county

Sales tax receipts across Canadian County were up by more than $1.7 million in June over last year’s returns, according to the latest figures from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
The largest increase was in the portion of Oklahoma City in Canadian County, where the returns for the month were up $748,824 over the same period last year.
This month’s returns are based on actual sales for the last 15 days of April and the estimated sales in the first 15 days of May.
In Oklahoma City, the disbursement totaled $2,111,287. Last year’s total was $1,362,462.
Oklahoma City also saw a significant increase in its use tax, jumping by more than $280,341.
El Reno was second in disbursements, increasing by $339,310 from last year’s check. The June check was for $1,289,587.
El Reno’s use tax check was $707,122.96, an increase of $416,903 from the previous year.
El Reno Mayor Matt White said he was pleased with how the city’s tax check has continued to climb.
“We have a lot of growth over here. A lot more people are coming over. We have 87-square-miles, our own water and sewer systems. We are seeing a lot of growth,” White, who also is serving as interim city manager, said.
White said much of the financial growth is the result of increased oil and gas production in the area.
“We’re pretty pleased with it,” he said.
Meanwhile, every city in Canadian County reported increases in sales tax, and all but Okarche reported increased use tax returns.
In Yukon, the sales tax increase for the month was $183,110. The total check was $1,879,137. Last year, it was $1,696,026.
The use tax check also increased by $21,476 to $133,319.67.
Mustang’s sales tax check was $902,089.92. That is an increase of $20,637 over last June’s check.
The use tax check for Mustang was up $7,692 over last year. This year’s check was $44,831.
Canadian County’s sales tax increased by $300,505 over last year’s numbers. This year’s check was $842,575.
The county’s use tax also increased by more than $31,146 for the month. This year’s check was $150,799.23.
The sales tax funds are used to pay for the operation of the Canadian County Children’s Justice Center. A portion of the use tax is being set aside to help fund construction of a new county fairgrounds.
In Calumet, the sales tax jumped by $17,198 to $55,795.
Calumet’s use tax also rose by $11,186 to $15,825.
Geary had an $11,984 increase in sales tax for the month compared to June 2017, while the use tax increased by $1,011.
Okarche had a nice increase in sales tax returns, climbing by $12,456. However, the city’s use tax plummeted by more than $176,003 from last year.
Piedmont had an increase in sales tax of $57,696. This year’s check was $204,314.
The city’s use tax was $15,776. That is an increase of $268.
Union City received a sales tax check for $92,897. That is up $68,677 over last June’s check.
The city’s use tax check was $14,210, an increase of $2,932.
Statewide, more than $149,510,587 was distributed to cities and towns. That is an increase of $11,515,335 over last year’s total.
The counties shared $26,746,716 in sales tax distribution and $2,790,881 in use tax disbursement, the tax commission said.

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