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Yukon Review endorses Mick Cornett for governor

If you are just now looking up to see who is running for governor, you might be surprised to see a long list of Republican candidates. There are 10 to be exact, but only one has the experience of growing and diversifying an economy, balancing government budgets and auditing government agencies.

We have big issues that need to be addressed at the State Capitol, and Mick Cornett is the right man to solve our biggest challenges and help our state to flourish.

Many of the Republican candidates say things that sound nice, but only Cornett has the experience solving the same set of problems Oklahoma is facing.

As the transformational mayor of Oklahoma City, he balanced 14 straight budgets, on time. That’s something state government needs to learn how to do. And, as chairman of the audit committee each year, he was responsible for auditing each city department, a total of more than 140 performance audits, to make sure every taxpayer dollar was being spent where it was supposed to be.

When Cornett took over as mayor, Oklahoma City was just beginning its renaissance, with oil and gas leading the charge for the booming economy. Instead of riding the boom-or-bust commodity, though, the city sought to diversify the economy, and by the time oil process came down, the city stood as one of the most diversified economies in the country.

The success of bringing in large-scale employers didn’t end at city limits, though. Dell, Boeing, GE and the NBA are all recognized as contributions to the entire metro area. In all, the metro area grew by nearly 130,000 jobs and 10,000 new businesses while Mick Cornett was mayor. The slightly more than 1 million people in the Oklahoma City metro area is outpacing the job growth of the rest of the state’s nearly 3 million residents. We have had a front row seat to observe these accomplishments.

It has been an impressive feat. All of it. And to hear Cornett describe it makes it sound very simple. In Oklahoma City, the local government did what it said it would do. They built trust between the citizens, and when they made a promise, they kept it. That’s something the folks at the State Capitol need to learn how to do.

Of course, the real solution for state government is to send the leadership that understands all of these things to fix the mess at the State Capitol. Fortunately, Cornett is a once-in-a-generation leader who has the skillset to solve big problems, at just the time when we have big problems to solve.

Recently, Fortune Magazine named him No. 25 on their list of “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” and he was the only Oklahoman and only Republican to make the list. Governing Magazine once named him the top public official in the world, and a ranking of world mayors named him No. 2 mayor in the world. Being on those lists is not what makes Cornett a great leader, but his record as the most successful Republican mayor in the country is the reason he was chosen for those lists.

We need a stronger, more diversified economy. We need real leadership to hold state government accountable. We need a leader in the governor’s office who knows how to solve problems and get things done. There is only one candidate who has proven to have all these qualities.

This paper proudly endorses Mick Cornett, fifth-generation Oklahoman and visionary leader, to be the next governor of Oklahoma and encourages Republicans to support him during the June 26 Republican Primary Election.

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