Yukon hopes summer workouts pay off in fall

After taking a week off from all football activities following the school year, the Yukon football program vaulted the intensity back to full strength with the start of Miller Iron summer strength and conditioning workouts Monday.

From 6:30 to 9 a.m. for six weeks, Miller football players will go through a rigorous strength and conditioning program that is designed to develop mental toughness and enhance physical ability.

“We will be focused on getting mentally stronger and improving from a physical standpoint,” Yukon coach Jeremy Reed said. “We had a great offseason but now is the time to really put our hands in the turf and grind through a strong summer.”

The program is designed to train the mind to push through adverse situations and increase physical strength, speed, quickness and flexibility.

The Miller Iron will run for three weeks with a full week off for the July 4 holiday and then go for another three weeks before taking another full week off before fall camp opens in August.

“I thought day one went well,” Yukon senior quarterback Jackson Young said Monday after the first day of Miller Iron. “We were energized, in good shape from the offseason and had good agility. I thought we were a lot further along than we were last year. We want to build chemistry and get faster and stronger and to make sure we take care of our bodies with enough hydration and getting enough rest.”

On top of Miller Iron, Yukon will participate in four 7-on-7 sessions this summer. The opening 7-on-7 practice took place Tuesday at Putnam City. The first two sessions will be at Putnam City and the last two will be at Yukon with the final session taking place July 10.

“We would like to throw the ball better,” Reed said. “We are not going to be a team that throws the ball 20 times a game but we need to be better. 7-on-7 will be big for our defensive guys to really work on different things with defending the pass. We are looking forward to getting better and having fun with our 7-on7 sessions.”

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