Canadian County awards contract for sheriff’s garage project

Construction on a secure garage at the Canadian County jail is expected to begin within the next few weeks after the county commissioners awarded a contract Monday.

The commissioners awarded a contract for the more than 4,000-square-foot building to Key Construction, which had the lowest of two bids for the project. Key Construction’s bid was $512,000, which includes the removal of the current circle drive and the construction of a new driveway into the garage.

Diversified Construction had the other bid on the project, which was $564,127 for both projects.

There is no reason not to accept the lowest bid, said architect Birnie Whitlow of FSB.

“I think $512,000 is very reasonable,” Sheriff Chris West said.

The project will be paid for out of several funds, including sheriff’s fees, funds from the commissary and the sheriff’s asset forfeiture fund.

Commissioner Jack Stewart said the project had been needed for years. Having the sheriff offer to pay for the project makes it easier.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of October.

West initially began discussing the Sally port project last summer.

A Sally port is a secure garage that allows law enforcement officers to transfer prisoners and evidence safely.

Currently, the prisoners are transferred to and from patrol units in the open air.

The garage also will be large enough to provide badly needed storage space, the sheriff said.

Currently, much of the office’s non-evidentiary storage is held inside large storage containers behind the jail.

West also said the building’s exterior is expected to match the jail’s exterior.

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