Yukon officials approve $52 million budget

The city of Yukon will have a nearly $52 million budget when it begins the new fiscal year on July 1.

The city council approved the $51,714,625 budget during its meeting Tuesday.

The budget is down slightly from the current year’s budget, but does include changes in the number of “steps” allowed in all departments, as well as a one-time stipend for all current employees to offset cost-of-living pay increases.

The stipends, which will equal 3 percent of the employee’s salary, will be delivered in July.

Earlier, City Manager Jim Crosby said that most city employees have not seen a pay increase in at least two years. The stipend should help with that.

Crosby also has said the city is using the one-time stipend to make sure the city is on strong financial ground before adding it to the yearly budget.

In early 2016, the city was forced to reduce its staff significantly after finding itself in serious financial trouble.

Crosby said he anticipates adding the raises to next year’s budget.

Members of the fire and police departments will not receive the stipend. Their raises are incorporated into the city’s agreement with their respective unions.

In addition, Crosby previously said that about 40 of the city’s employees are on the top rung of their steps, meaning they can no longer receive annual step raises

The new budget adds three steps to all positions, allowing for additional advancement.

In addition, a number of departments are being allowed to fill vacant positions, something that has not been available since early in 2016.

Several positions have been re-aligned to properly match their duties.

Meanwhile, the Yukon Municipal Authority’s budget also was approved. This year’s budget is $12,297,126.

Also during Tuesday’s council meeting, officials approved the renewal of a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to participate in its prisoner public works program.

Yukon’s contract is for 13 inmates per day at a cost of $135 per person per month. The total cost is $1,755 per month.

Yukon has been utilizing the program for several years.

The panel appointed Jeff Wooten to the city’s board of adjustments. He will represent Ward 2. The term expires in 2021.

Also, the council appointed Stephen Nelson to the city’s park board. He also fills a vacancy representing Ward 2. His term will expire in 2021 as well.

In other action, the city council:

-Approved the medical disability retirement of Don Lombard;

-Approved a request by John and Francis Kouba for three curb cuts on NW 10th Street, just east of Garth Brooks Boulevard. The cuts will be the only ones allowed in that area, Crosby said;

-Approved the final replat of the south half of the 900 block of S. Third Street;

-Approved a motion to reject bids and re-advertise for copier services for fiscal year 2018-19.

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