Millers wrap up spring

With spring practice officially in the books, we sat down with Yukon football coach Jeremy Reed for a question and answer session on how he feels his team performed during spring drills and how the quarterback battle is going for the Millers.

Yukon Review: How would you evaluate your spring?

Jeremy Reed: I thought it was a great spring. We were able to evaluate a lot of snaps on film. For the most part, it was a positive and useful spring for us.

YR: This was a unique spring with team camp taking place in the middle of practices and then the players still being in school because of the walkout. How do you feel your team handled the unique situation?

JR: I thought we handled it well. It was pretty easy to tell that they are ready to be out of school, and rightfully so. We only had one bad practice and that was Tuesday after the long weekend and team camp. Our guys are a little tired, just like we are as coaches. It’ll be good for them to get a break next week.

YR: The defense seemed to be the highlight of spring practices. How good do you think that unit can be this fall?

JR: It will be interesting to see what our defense will be able to do. This is a veteran group with a lot of senior starters on the field. It makes a difference when you’re a senior and you have had some playing experience. They have a lot of maturity, they had a great offseason both physically and mentally, they know the system and are comfortable with what we want them to do and they have a lot of confidence as a group.

YR: How did the offense progress throughout the spring?

JR: We have a lot of question marks on offense. We graduated quite a few starters and guys who played a lot of snaps for us on that side of the ball. There are a lot of unknowns. We have solidified most of the positions we needed to fill but there are still some that we need to evaluate and make decisions on this summer.

YR: Jackson Young has taken the majority of the snaps with the No. 1 unit at quarterback this spring. Has he solidified himself as the starting quarterback at this point?

JR: Jackson Young has emerged as the guy this spring. He has done a great job of facilitating the offense and handled the mental side of things really well. Jackson is a guy who was in line to be the quarterback going into last year but Perry Olsen moved in. He has taken advantage of the opportunity this year. The quarterback position will look at little different for us this year than it did last year. There are things that Perry does better than Jackson but there are also things that Jackson does better than Perry. Jackson has had a superb spring. We are excited about Jackson this year.

YR: You mentioned you wanted to work on special teams in these last couple of practices in the spring, how is that facet of the game looking for you right now?

JR: Most teams don’t do a whole lot of special teams work in the spring. Most people spend most of their time on offense and defense. We wanted to spend some time on our special teams because that is an aspect of the game we have to win. We evaluated some things and committed time to it. It will give us some film to look at for the summer to see if there is anything we want to tweak scheme-or personnel-wise going into fall camp.

With spring practice complete, the Yukon football team will have this next week off from football activities. They open Miller Iron workouts June 11.

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