Defense stands out in spring scrimmage for Yukon

With much of the talk in the Yukon football program this spring surrounding the offense, it was the defense that shined in Saturday’s spring scrimmage at Miller Stadium.

“We saw some good things,” Yukon coach Jeremy Reed said. “The defense was aggressive, flew around and gave the offense a tough time. We are excited about our defense. We love the way they are playing.”

That’s not uncommon among football teams at this point in the year. The defense is usually ahead of the offense in spring ball, but Reed said he still saw some good things from his offensive unit.

“We did some good things,” Reed said. “We struggled at times. We are young offensively. We will get better with time.”

One of the areas Reed said he would like to see improved when Yukon travels to Choctaw Wednesday and Thursday for Team Camp is the ball control area.

The Millers fumbled eight times on Saturday and lost five.

“It’ll be good to see us go against other people Wednesday and Thursday,” Reed said. “The fumbling always concerns me. That is something we need to correct. If we put the ball on the ground a lot over at Choctaw, I’ll be pretty upset about it.”

Reed said he likes the way this team is practicing through the first week of the spring drills.

“We have had no bad practice days,” Reed said. “If you remember, last year I would say we would have two good practice days and then one bad one but so far this year, they have been very good. We have had numerous college coaches come to our spring practices and have been very complimentary on how we have practiced. This group has a great attitude and they know how to practice with the right approach.”

Usually, Team Camp takes place at the end of spring practice and after school is out for the summer but with the teacher walkout in April, Reed said this year is a little different.

“We have never had Team Camp this early and with the walkout, we are still in school, so it’s a different year,” Reed said. “I think it will be good because we will get to use the film we get from Team Camp to make corrections and work on our mistakes in the last couple of spring practices next week. Our focus going into Team Camp is to keep getting better at being us.”

Reed added that he wants to see who is going to step up and be leaders in the second half of spring practice.

“We are looking for leadership and want to keep our good attitude that we have had so far,” Reed said. “We want to see how this team responds to events that happen at Team Camp. How are they going to respond after a negative play? How are they going to respond after a positive play? We are way ahead of where we were at this point last year because of our relationship as a coaching staff with our players. We are very encouraged with what we seen so far as a staff.”

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