Fallin removes Canadian County from burn ban

Because of significant moisture, Gov. Mary Fallin on Thursday removed Canadian County from the list of counties covered under a burn ban.

Canadian County had been among 36 counties included.

Significant rainfall both Saturday and Wednesday helped reduce the wildfire dangers in the region, Fallin said.

The decision to remove the county from the list was recommended by the state forestry service.

“Wetting rains have reduced the dangerous wildfire conditions that were prevalent in a large part of the state for the past few weeks,” said OFS Director and State Forester George Geissler.  “However, there are some parts of the state still at risk for additional fire danger.”

While the governor has the authority to issue burn bans for multiple counties, county commissioners also issue bans for their individual counties.  There currently are no county burn bans in effect, but citizens should always check with local officials or visit www.forestry.ok.gov/burn-ban-information to see if county burn bans are in place before doing any type of burning.

“We have seen the devastation that wildfires have caused in our state over the past few months, and I urge citizens to continue to be vigilant, especially in those counties still under burn bans,” Fallin said.

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