Yukon schools sell $8.175M in bonds

In September, voters in the Yukon School District approved more than $44 million in new bond money for various projects across the district.

Friday, the school board approved the issuance of $8.175 million in funds, the first allotment from the new issue.

The bonds will be issued by Town and Country Bank with an interest rate of 2.271429 percent. It was the lowest offer of five bids provided.

Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said the district can begin using the new funds as soon as they arrive, which is expected to be no later than the end of May.

The first major project to be funded by the bond money will be the replacement of field turf at the Yukon Middle School’s football stadium.

That project was approved Monday during the board’s regular April meeting.

Spinturf, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, was awarded the contract. The company’s bid was $339,901. Work is expected to begin on the project in June and should be completed by the time preseason workouts begin in August. Work on the surrounding track will be awarded later this year.

In addition, the bond money will help the district take care of several other projects that had been on hold for many years, Simeroth said.

That includes replacing some furniture, carpeting, textbooks and playground equipment.

The district also can begin moving forward on plans for an intermediate school that will be located in the northern part of the school district.

“We are excited to do this for our kids,” Simeroth said.

The school board on Monday approved the purchase of new math books for the district. Simeroth said it has been at least 10 years since the books had been replaced.

“The standards have changed, and while you may use the same techniques, schools may have changed their objectives. The entrance exams are a lot more than lining up the numbers,” he said.

“Math is still math, but the process of how we expect them to learn and use what they learn has changed in the last 10 years,” he said.

Simeroth said part of the package also will include additional technology purchases. He said each student in sixth-through-12th grades will have access to a Chromebook to enhance the learning experience.


Where is the money going?

The Yukon School Board voted Friday to sell $8.175 million in bonds. Here is how the money will be allotted:

-$750,000: Software licensing

-$255,000: IT Infrastructure

-$975,000: IT Hardware

-$650,000: Middle School turf, track

-$75,000: School-owned vehicles

-$700,000: Maintenance-Roof

-$225,000: Carpet

-$100,000: Furniture

-$30,000: Heat and Air

-$100,000: Secondary Equipment

-$875,000: Texbooks

-$75,000: Fine Arts

-$100,000: Playground Equipment

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