Mustang teachers continue to support walkout

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Members of the Mustang Education Association are continuing to support the statewide teachers’ walkout, MEA President Mark Webb said Tuesday.
“We’ve reached a bit of a stalemate,” Webb said in a text message.
He noted that Gov. Mary Fallin signed three bills affecting education Tuesday, but that they had a mixed effect.
Two bills added revenue – one allowing tribal casinos to use ball and dice games and a second requiring third-party online retailer to collect state sales tax.
The third bill repealed the state hotel and motel tax.
“The bills added $42 million but subtracted $50 million,” Webb said. “I don’t expect much movement for rest of the week.
“We are only approximately $50 million away from reaching all of our year-one asks.”
Webb expressed hope.
“The end is in sight,” he said. “We just need movement from the Legislature.”
Meanwhile, Mustang School Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel said that he was working on a plan to administer state testing regardless of how long teachers are out.
McDaniel noted that last week the district served about 1,750 lunches to students and that this week staff is taking lunches directly to apartment complexes at which students live.
Tuesday, the district exhausted its banked “snow days.”
“Each hour we miss now will need to be made up,” he said in an online message to the community.”
The hours could be made up by adding days to the calendar, adding hours to school days or a combination of both, he said.
“We will be as flexible as we can if any classes are in session when it conflicts with any scheduled family trips,” he said.
The district is working with the State Department of Education to determine what discretion the district has in making up classroom hours, McDaniel said.
In Yukon, Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth said the district’s school year will be extended until at least May 30.
Teachers have been on a walkout since April 2 demanding additional educational funding from state lawmakers.

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