Yukon to add ambulance membership to utility bill

Yukon residents will soon join other communities in the area with an automatic membership in an ambulance service program.

The city council voted 4-1 Tuesday to approve an ordinance that adds $3.65 to utility bills to provide emergency ambulance service coverage for residents.

The memberships will go into effect on July 1. The city will begin collecting the additional money as part of the June 15 water bill.

The ambulance service is provided through Samaritan Emergency Services.

City Manager Jim Crosby said residents will be notified of the change through a number of venues, including a notice that will be posted on trash cans as well as fliers in utility bills.

Residents can “opt out” of the program and avoid the $3.65 charge by contacting the city before May 15. However, by opting out, residents will face the full charge for an ambulance ride, said Jason Likens, Samaritan’s CEO.

With the membership, any costs not covered by insurance will be written off, Likens said.

Similar programs are offered in several other communities in the area that are served by Samaritan, including Bethany.

Oklahoma City and Tulsa also offer utility fees that cover ambulance services.

Crosby said the utility fee will apply to all water meters, including nursing homes.

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