Baked Bear offers sweet treats

What better treat is there than ice cream and cookies?

At the Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwich Shop, the answer is nothing.

The Baked Bear opened its Yukon location on March 3 at 2121 S. Yukon Blvd.  Suite 175.

This is the second Baked Bear to open in Oklahoma through owners Veronica and Dean Ingram of  Edmond and James and JoAnna Howard of Norman.

The two couples also own The Baked Bear operation in Norman on Campus Corner, which opened April 1.

Veronica Ingram is serving as general manager for both stores.

She said Oklahoma’s first Baked Bear has been such a success they sought a second location from which to serve their crispy cookie and ice cream sandwiches.

Yukon seemed to be the perfect fit.

The store is located near the south end of the shopping center near Great Nations Bank.

Veronica Ingram said the company hosted a couple of fundraising events last year outside of Pie Five in the same shopping center. Those were incredibly successful, which helped prompt the decision of where to locate when they opened a permanent  store.

She said the store draws customers not only from Yukon, but from Mustang, Oklahoma City and as far away as Tuttle.

Its specialty ice cream is based on the company’s own recipes, Ingram said.

Twelve flavors are offered daily with one that rotates each month.

This month’s special flavor is caramel apple pie.

“There are a lot of families out here, and there really is no dessert-type place, like this, where you can customize an ice cream sandwich. … We thought the communities of Yukon and Mustang could use a cool, hip dessert place,” Ingram said.

The ice cream is super premium quality made with pure cane sugar. They also have a chocolate chip ice cream that is made with soy.

“It gives it a great taste,” she said.

All of the cookies are baked in the store and are fresh.

“We bake all day,” she said.

As for the ice cream, it’s The Baked Bear’s recipe.

“You can’t purchase it anywhere else,” she said.

In addition, the store offers to “hot press” the sandwich.

Using equipment that is similar to a waffle iron, the cookies or brownies are heated just enough to warm them up, but not enough to melt the ice cream, said Ingram.

“What’s better than fresh cookies, brownies and premium ice cream?” she asked.

“The ice cream and cookies bring people back.”

The store employs 21 workers, mostly high school students, and is open daily.

“It’s a nice place for families to come, and our prices are reasonable,” she said.

There are currently 20 The Baked Bear locations across the nation with seven more stores in the planning stages.

The company was started in San Diego by Rob Robbins and Shane Stanger.

The Baked Bears is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Fridays from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., Saturdays from noon until 11 p.m. and Sunday from noon until 9 p.m.

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