Area cities see mixed bag in sales tax report

For the first time in more than nine months, Yukon’s sales tax declined compared to the previous month, following a trend that was seen across Canadian County.

While the amount of sales tax received by Yukon in March was down significantly compared to February’s returns, it was up compared to the same month last year, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

March returns are based on actual sales in the second half of January and estimates of sales from the first half of February.

Yukon also saw a decline month-to-month in its use tax. Those are funds that are derived from online sales as well as purchases made outside of the area and then brought in for use.

Yukon received $1,812,361 in sales tax in March. That is up $244,449 over last March’s returns. However, it is down $270,651 over the February returns. That is a 13 percent decline

Yukon received $128,490 in use tax. That also is up $60,829 compared to last, but is down $50,596 from February.

Yukon was not alone in its sales tax decline. Only four of the 10 governmental entities in Canadian County reported increases from February to March.

Calumet, Geary, Mustang, Okarche and Union City all had declines between February and March.

El Reno, Oklahoma City, Piedmont and Canadian County reported increases.

Most cities did have higher sales tax checks when compared to last year.

Only three communities — Calumet, El Reno and Union City — reported increased use tax returns.

Geary, Mustang, Okarche, Oklahoma City, Piedmont and Canadian County had lower returns. Likewise, only Geary, Okarche and Oklahoma City were down compared to last year.

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