Yukon teen accused of making school threat

A 17-year-old Yukon High School student was arrested Monday after he allegedly made a threat of violence while at the school.

The student, whose name is not being released because of his age, was taken into custody at the school, said Police Chief John Corn.

Corn said the student made comments that he could shoot-up the school and get away with it.

Details about the incident are still being investigated.

Corn did say that there were no weapons on campus nor was there a “hit” list.

He was interviewed with his parents present and they have been cooperative, Corn said.

“We take everything seriously. That’s why we will file the charge and why we took him into custody. You never know. You have to treat every piece of information with due diligence. You have to investigate whether it is a realistic threat,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Yukon School District notified parents of high school student through its automated phone program. In addition, statements about the incident were posted on the district’s website and Facebook page.

The statement reads: “Yukon High School (YHS) officials were recently made aware of a threat directed at the school by a YHS student. School officials immediately notified law enforcement and followed school protocol in handling the threat. No weapons were on school property, and there was no imminent threat to student or staff safety. The district is fully cooperating with law enforcement and they will handle the investigation from here.

“We cannot comment on individual student discipline, but all threats are taken seriously and we take all steps necessary to keep students and staff safe. Student and employee well-being is our first priority as we continue to provide a safe learning environment.”

Corn said the suspect was taken to the Gary E. Miller Children’s Justice Center.  He said officers had not had previous contact with the teen.

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