Work begins to realign Vandament

Despite recent rains, crews with Bishop Paving Co. began moving dirt this week on the realignment of Vandament Avenue.

The project will eventually move where the road intersects with Frisco Road about a quarter mile to the north. Work is expected to be completed in November.

Bishop was awarded the contract in January with a bid of $2,556,191.

The project is one of several road projects planned for the area, all of which are needed so an interchange can be created linking Frisco Road and Interstate 40.

“I am very excited to get it going. It is a major step to get ready for the I-40 interchange,” said City Manager Jim Crosby.

That project is planned for the 2020 fiscal year and is being paid with state and federal highway funds.

Meanwhile, for that project to progress, Yukon must move where Vandament connects with Frisco Road.

The new intersection will be on the north side of a recently completed water tower. It also will intersect with a road that will lead to a proposed indoor waterpark that is planned just west of Frisco Road.

Officials with the waterpark say they plan to break ground on the multi-million project this spring and are going through final design reviews.

Meanwhile, the Yukon City Council is expected to award a contract for the widening of Frisco Road during its March 6 meeting. That project will involve widening Frisco to four lanes and will include a turn lane.

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