Breaking free: Isaiah Auld storms onto the swimming scene

Three years ago, Isaiah Auld had never swam a competitive meet. Going into the regional meet Friday, the Yukon sophomore had captured five school records for the Yukon boys swimming program.

“My mom just said she thought I could be good at swimming,” Auld said. “The only time I had really spent time swimming was in my grandma’s pool.”

Auld heeded his mother’s advice, and the 15-year-old gave swimming a shot with the high school swim team at Yukon.

“I knew I had a chance to be pretty good after the regional and state meet my freshman year,” Auld said. “I had never really even watched swimming except for some in the Olympics. It came natural to me.”

Since taking the plunge into the swimming pool, Auld has been a highlight for Yukon. The sophomore has broken five school records, including the 50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard freestyle, the 200-freetyle, the 100-yard backstroke and the 200-yard individual medley. In the 50-yard freestyle, Auld’s record time is 23.66 seconds, which was set on Dec. 2. The previous record was 24 seconds.

In the 100-yard freestyle, Auld’s record time is 52.50 seconds, which was set on Jan. 18. The previous record was 55.08 seconds.

In the 200-yard freestyle, Auld’s record time is 1:54.76, which was set Jan. 20. The previous record was 2:18.13.

In the 100-yard backstroke, Auld’s record time is 59.79 seconds, which was set Jan. 20. The previous record was 1:07.76.

In the 200-yard individual medley, Auld’s record time is 2:16.75, which was set Dec. 12. The previous record was 2:25.56.

“I knew I wanted to compete in the 50-free and the 100-free because that’s what I swam last year,” Auld said. “I just wanted to show how much I improved. It feels good to break records, I would like to do more. We are having a good year so far as a team.”

Auld talked about his goals for the postseason, which are lofty.

“My goal for the regional is to qualify for the 50-free, the 100-free, the 200-free relay and 400-free relay,” Auld said. “At state, I want to place eighth or better in all of those events. I know it is not going to be easy though. I am going to have to swim some of my best times to accomplish those goals.”

Before his swimming career is done at Yukon, Auld said he wants to accomplish a lot more.

“I want to break all of the records and break some state records,” Auld said. “I definitely want to swim in college. I need to improve my grades and get my strokes better.”

When he is not competing for the school, Auld is a member of the Bison Aquatic Club. He joined the club at the regional meet last year. In June, Auld went to Detroit with the club to compete in the Junior Olympics and won four medals.

“I just need to stay driven,” Auld said. “I need to get in the pool more, workout more and be better. Right now, I am in the pool five days a week but I need to do more than that.”

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