Love is in the Air: New era of dating brings Ruiz, Kindle together

Brandon Ruiz and Lauren Kindle will officially tie the knot July 21.

The couple will celebrate their big day with family and friends with the many traditions that weddings have to offer, but how they got started is anything but traditional.

Rewind to November of 2015. Ruiz was browsing through Facebook when he saw a girl named Lauren Kindle in his “suggested friends” box.

Ruiz said he immediately thought she was cute and decided to send her a friend request.

Kindle said she was hesitant when she first saw the friend request.

“I didn’t know him, so I was a little apprehensive to accept it,” Kindle said. “I didn’t know what his intentions were.”

However, Kindle decided to accept Ruiz’s friend request and the ball was back in his court.

“I wasn’t nervous to send her the friend request,” Ruiz said. “I started to get a little nervous though when I sent her that first message.”

Ruiz took a chance and sent Kindle a message. Kindle responded, and as the two began to message back-and-forth and started a conversation, she said she became more comfortable but still wasn’t completely sold on the idea.

After conversing in Facebook, Ruiz asked Kindle to go out on a date. Kindle agreed and the first date was set.

Kindle said she was nervous when he came to pick her up and when she first got into his car.

“I was pretty nervous to get into his car,” Kindle said. “I had never met him before, so I still wasn’t sure. It didn’t take long for me to be comfortable with him though. It was almost the minute we left my house and I was already having a really good time.”

Ruiz took Kindle to Longhorn Steakhouse in Oklahoma City, and then to see the movie “Krampus” at a movie theater because she likes scary movies.

“I just had a really good vibe from him,” Kindle said. “There was really good energy between us. I was very comfortable from the beginning.”

Even though it has worked out between Ruiz and Kindle, she said people need to be careful with social media.

“People, especially girls, need to be more careful on social media,” Kindle said. “You just never know how true and real a person or their profile is.”

Ruiz said social media provides another avenue to meet that special person.

“It opens up another world of people to meet and to find someone,” Ruiz said. “It can be an awesome thing if you do meet someone.”

The new-era dating scene can be frustrating for anyone who is attempting to find that special person in his or her life. Ruiz and Kindle both gave advice to those who are still trying to find love.

“Be true to who you are,” Kindle said. “Don’t change yourself and make sure you know what you want.”

“Be patient and don’t try to force a situation,” Ruiz said. “It takes time. Don’t rush anything. Take care of yourself first and then settle down.”

Ruiz, 25, is a Yukon native and Yukon High School alum. He is a teacher and baseball coach at Yukon High School. Kindle, 22, is from Oklahoma City and Putnam City North high school alum. She is a pediatric nurse at OU Children’s Hospital.

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