New era for Yukon Review calls for community support

It is indeed a happy new year for the Yukon Review and the Yukon community. Last week, it became official that Chisholm Trail LLC acquired the Yukon Review and the Mustang News.

Chisholm Trail LLC is a newly formed entity started in a joint partnership among Yukon businessman and native Scott Myrick, Oklahoma City attorney Russell Mulinix and the Yukon Review and Mustang News publisher John Settle.

Since July 1, 2015, the Yukon Review has been owned and operated by Star Communications. Star Comm acquired the Mustang News on Feb. 1, 2016.

It has been a struggle for both newspapers for quite some time. There has been a lot of turnover in both offices, with personnel changes seemingly taking place on a monthly basis at some points throughout the process.

However, we have a great staff in place and hopefully, we will be able to bring more staff on board as we enter this new era.

The struggle in newspapers is not just with us newspapers across the country are struggling in big ways. Both large and small publications are trying anything possible to save money so they can continue to operate. Simply put, it is a hard time for newspapers in our nation, but that is why this new venture with Chisholm Trail LLC is so exciting.

We are going on the attack and not giving in to those who say “newspapers are a dying breed.”

One of the biggest complaints we have heard over the past several years is our ownership was out of state and they are never here in Yukon.

Well, that is about to change with this new ownership group. Mr. Settle and his wife, Paula, plan to move down to the Oklahoma City-area very soon. Mr. Myrick and his family are Yukon people and Mr. Mulinix and his family are in Norman.

Yukon is a great community because it has great people. People in this community care about Yukon and want Yukon to prosper, and one of the ways that Yukon can be successful is with a successful newspaper that shines a light of positivity and transparency on the city.

As mentioned earlier, we have a great staff here at the Review that is committed to putting out the best possible product we can to serve the Yukon community. Yes, we will make mistakes, but we will do our best to ensure those mistakes are minimal and will be corrected when they do happen. However, it takes more than good ownership and a good staff to have a successful community newspaper. We need the community’s support.

The Yukon Review has been around since 1963 serving Yukon and Canadian County. This new venture is going to be exciting for not only us at the Review but also for the entire community.

So, on behalf of the Yukon Review staff, we would like to encourage you in the Yukon community and Canadian County to hop on board and join us in this new venture.

The future is bright for both the Yukon community and the Yukon Review. Let’s go make Yukon the best together.

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