Chisholm Trail LLC acquires Yukon Review, Mustang News

A new venture that involves Yukon businessman Scott Myrick, Oklahoma City attorney Russell Mulinix and newspaper publisher John Settle has acquired the Yukon Review and the Mustang News.

The ownership entity, Chisholm Trails LLC, was formed recently. It acquired the properties from Star Communications, which has owned the Yukon Review since July 1, 2015, and the Mustang News since Feb. 1, 2016.

Myrick is the developer of the proposed Thunder Falls indoor water park at State Highway 66 and Frisco Road.

Mulinix, who lives in Norman, is an attorney and longtime friend of Review publisher John Settle.

“This agreement will not change the normal operations of the paper or its staff,” Settle said. “It will position the papers to be able to continue to grow with the communities.”

Settle said Myrick, who is a Yukon native, loves the community and loves the newspaper.

“He has wanted to be a part of this for quite some time,” Settle said. “I am very excited about the addition of Scott and Rusty. Their vision and commitment to the future of Yukon and Mustang has ensured the two newspapers will be serving these communities far into the future.”

The twice-weekly Yukon Review has about 3,200 paid subscribers and a reach of more than 16,000 readers for each edition. It is the largest circulation newspaper in Canadian County, focusing on news and sports in both Yukon and Canadian County.

In addition to the Review, the acquisition also includes the Mustang News, which was purchased by Star Communication Corp. in 2016 from the Dyer family of El Reno.

“This will benefit both newspapers and it will benefit the communities. The positive impact of Scott’s and Rusty’s involvement with the Yukon Review and Mustang News can’t be overstated,” Settle said.

In addition, he said the newspapers’ staffs will continue their dedication to covering community news.

“We will continue to focus on local news. Our purpose is to provide hyper-local news and sports coverage to our readers in each community. We intend to continue to be a dedicated, effective and efficient media for each of our readers and advertisers,” Settle said.

Myrick said he is excited about the new venture.

“I am a community guy. I was born and raised in Yukon. When I found out there was an opportunity to be involved, it made sense,” Myrick said.

Myrick said he plans to be involved with the newspaper, but Settle will continue to oversee the day-to-day operations.

“It’s not easy work to run a newspaper,” Myrick said, adding that his main focus will continue to be the development of the planned waterpark.

Meanwhile, Myrick said he grew up reading the Yukon Review, and is excited about this opportunity.

Mulinix, who also owns a the Keller Williams franchise real estate agency in the Norman area, “Keller Williams Mulinix”, said the business could be a great marriage.

“There is some sentiment that major newspapers are a dying breed. That is not true for community newspapers, and that is what these are. They are the internal fiber of the community. They have always been there, and there will always be room for those,” Mulinix said.

Community newspapers, he said, are where readers find out what’s going on in their towns, whether it is city council meetings or sports coverage.

“Those things are important,” he said.

“I am excited. Yukon is a moving, bustling community and its best days are ahead of it,” Mulinix said.

He also praised Settle.

“I don’t think you can find a better newspaper man than John Settle. … To have someone with that many years of experience, and with that many newspapers, you don’t find that anymore. He’s a special guy,” he said.

Mulinix also said Myrick is a key component of the deal.

“Scott Myrick is a true phenom. He is special, has special talents and will do some special things for Yukon,” Mulinix said.

The Yukon Review was founded in 1963 and is a successor to the Yukon Sun, which was established before 1900.

The Mustang News was founded in 1982.

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  1. TODD M. BAKER on August 13, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    If Myrick doesn’t handle this business any better than his last, it will be a failure too.

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