Let the Journey Begin: Olsen signs with Navy in early signing period

Last December, Perry Olsen was coming off of his junior football season at Southmoore, where he had been a starting linebacker for the SaberCats for two years.

Olsen was also Southmoore’s backup quarterback behind then University of Texas commit Casey Thompson but his primary focus was on the defensive side of the football.

Fast forward a month down the road, Yukon announced Jeremy Reed as its head football coach. Reed was not only bringing a different attitude and mindset to the Miller program, he was bringing an offensive style that was appealing to a certain Southmoore player.

Reed was bringing the flexbone offense to Yukon, which is primarily designed around the option run game. There is only one catch with the offense, having a playmaker with toughness under center is vital to the system’s success.

Olsen decided to move to Yukon from Moore with his family in the middle of the spring and Reed and Yukon now had their quarterback.

Olsen was just what the doctor ordered for Reed and his new offensive scheme. But it wasn’t the QB’s ability to run the option game that impressed his new head coach the most.

In one of the first workouts Olsen participated in with Yukon, the Millers were running through a drill in the spring. One of the other players did not finish through the line and Olsen told the coaches to stop. He went over to the player and made him finish the drill the right way before they moved on to the next exercise.

Yukon senior Perry Olsen signed his letter of intent with the Naval Academy Wednesday at Yukon High School on the first day of the early signing period.

“When I saw that, I knew we had our leader,” Reed said. “Perry is a great football player but an even better leader. That was evident more and more throughout the year.”

Olsen verbally committed to play football at Navy in June and he made it official with signing his letter of intent on the first day of the early signing period Wednesday at Yukon High School.

“I don’t even know how to describe my feelings right now,” Olsen said. “Honestly, there is no better feeling in the world. To be able to be in this position I am right now. God has blessed me with so much.”

Olsen said when he went on his junior day visit to Navy, he immediately knew that is where he wanted to go play collegiate football.

“As soon as I got on campus I knew that’s where I wanted to go,” Olsen said. “Everything outside of football is what attracted me the most. Getting a degree from Navy will set you up for life. Football is going to end at some point and I will have a great career once I graduate and I can’t wait to serve our beautiful country.”

Like Yukon, Navy also runs the flexbone offensive system. Olsen said he feels like he will have an advantage because of his experience going into college.

“I believe that will give me an upper hand compared to the other quarterbacks,” Olsen said. “With the success we had this year at Yukon, I knew this would be a great opportunity for me. I truly believe that I am made for a place like Navy.”

Olsen currently weighs around 195 pounds but the Navy coaches said they want him around 225 pounds before he steps on the field.

“I need to get bigger and stronger,” Olsen said. “I will train really hard and eat a ton because I need to get a whole lot bigger. I’m excited because they expect their quarterbacks to play like linebackers and that is exactly how I play the position.”

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