Yukon teacher charged with rape of 16-year-old student

A Yukon teacher, who was arrested last week, was formally charged Wednesday with rape and soliciting sex from a minor via technology.

Hunter Day, 22, of Yukon was arrested Nov. 15 at her home by Canadian County sheriff’s deputies after she and a 16-year-old boy had made arrangements to have sex at Day’s home.

Day also is accused of sending photos of herself dressed in panties and a bra to the teen, according to a court affidavit filed with the charges.

Day was the teen’s science teacher at Yukon High School.

Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth declined last week to provide a status on Day’s employment, stating that doing so would violate the law.

According to the affidavit, the victim’s father contacted authorities with concerns that his son and Day were spending a lot of time together and was concerned that an inappropriate relationship was occurring.

When authorities interviewed the teen on Nov. 15, he told investigators that he and his teacher had begun a “friends with benefits” relationship about a month earlier. He also said that the two had sex the previous day at her house, and were planning another meeting for that day, according to court documents.

He also said that he had received photos from Day, as well as having sent a nude photo of himself to her through Snapchat, which is a mobile communications application.

During the interview process, investigators had the victim text Day to arrange for another meeting and encouraged her to be in her underwear when he arrived.

Authorities who went to Day’s home texted her by pretending to be the victim. She responded that the “door was unlocked as usual,” the document states.

Officers who opened the door found Day sitting on the floor with the lights off and surrounded by candles, the document states.

When officers announced themselves, Day admitted to having sex with the teen and that she had planned to meet with him that day for sexual purposes that included kissing, cuddling and fondling.

She also admitted to planning a sexual encounter, having a received a nude photo of the teen and to having sexually related conversations with him through text messaging.

If convicted, Day could receive up to 15 years in prison on the second-degree rape charge and up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine or both for the solicitation charge.

Day is free on $85,000 bond.

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