Good decision for Riley on Mayfield punishment

Okay Baker, I loved the flag stamp at Ohio State, I tolerated the “Daddy’s here” antics at Baylor but you crossed the line on Saturday sir and you should have to pay for it.

Grabbing your crotch and screaming unquestioned profanities across the field was entirely uncalled for and unfortunate for yourself, your team and the entire University of Oklahoma.

It’s time for Lincoln Riley to step up and take a stance. I believe Riley’s decision on Mayfield to miss some game time this Saturday against West Virginia was spot on.

Riley needed to set the tone for himself going forward with these kinds of antics from his players. What better way to do it than with his best player and the best college football player in the nation.

If the first-year Oklahoma football coach allowed that kind of behavior with no loss of game time, he would have been setting himself up for headaches he doesn’t want to deal with down the road.

Several people have asked the question, “Would Baker have done that if Bob Stoops was still the head coach?” Obviously, no one knows for sure and will never know but for me, I don’t think he would have.

Mayfield has always played with an attitude and a chip the size of Texas on his shoulder but he never acted the way he has this season or went as far as he has in certain instances in the previous two years when his head coach was Stoops and not Riley.

Would a Nick Saban player do this? Would an Urban Meyer player do this? No, they wouldn’t because there is a fear factor with those players. It’s not a bad thing for players to have a little fear when it comes to their head coaches. Not fear of playing bad on the field but fear of acting like fools off the field.

This is Riley’s chance to send some of that fear into his players, both current and future. Don’t behave like an idiot and you won’t miss any game time.

For those of you who are saying, “That’s just who Baker is.” Are you serious? Grabbing his crotch and yelling obscenities across the field is who he is? I don’t know Baker personally but I doubt he’s that guy.

Yes, he apologized and he should have but he still deserves to miss some game time.

I know the Kansas players got the party started by not shaking hands with the OU players at the coin toss and then taking cheap shots at Mayfield and other Sooners throughout the game but if you are Mayfield and Oklahoma, you have to expect that when you play an inferior opponent, who you smash every year.

On the flip side, those national “experts” who say this incident should cost Mayfield the Heisman are laughable. Mayfield is by far the best college football player in the country and is the main reason Oklahoma is in the driver’s seat to win another Big 12 Conference championship and to make the College Football Playoff. Plus, considering some of the players they have voted for to win the Heisman in the last several years, Mayfield is a clear-cut, no-brainer choice to win the game’s most prestigious individual award.

I love the emotion, passion and attitude Mayfield takes the field with every Saturday but he has to remember that he is the quarterback for Oklahoma football. Like it or not, you are held to a higher standard the most other players around the nation.

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