Yukon continues to see sales tax boost

Yukon continues to see improving sales and use tax receipts, according to a new report from the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Yukon’s sales tax returns for November were up almost $180,000 over last year’s numbers.

The numbers are based off of actual sales for the second half of September and the estimated sales in the first half of October.

Yukon received a check for $1,859,578.86 in November. That is up from $1,674,297.27 last year at the same time.

The use tax, which is generated through either sales on the internet or through sales outside of the county for materials to be used in the city, also was up. This year’s check was $106,522.53. Last year’s check was $92,601.74.

Most municipalities in the county received increased returns, although both Calumet and Piedmont did see lower numbers.

El Reno’s sales tax was $1,383,969.28 this year. Last year, it was $1,018,533.

The use tax in El Reno skyrocketed, jumping $500,000. This year’s check was $537,136 compared to last year’s check of $37,148.

Geary, which is split between Canadian and Blaine counties, saw in increase in its Canadian County returns. It jumped from $14,623 to $34,208.

Geary’s use tax check was $319. That is up from $68.12.

Mustang’s sales tax was up about $62,000. This year’s check was $888,340. Last year’s check was $826,744.

Mustang’s use tax, however, dropped. It fell from $42,166 to $37,917.

Okarche’s sales tax returns totaled $33,795 for Canadian County business. Last year’s returns were $32,753.

The use tax was up slightly, climbing from $1,141 to $1,373.

Oklahoma City’s sales in Canadian County jumped by more than $500,000.

This month’s check was $1,634,551. Last year’s check for the same period was $1,180,396.

Use tax almost doubled from the $231,852 last year to $438,395 this year.

Piedmont was one of two cities to see a decline in sales tax. This year’s check was $167,884 compared to $179,878.

Piedmont’s use tax was up, climbing to $17,662 compared to $8,094 last November.

Union City’s sales tax check more than doubled compared to last year. This year’s check was $56,357. Last year’s check was $20,606.

The use tax check also doubled — $18,665 this year; $7,765 last year.

Canadian County received $693,769 this year from sales tax. Last year, the return was $567,038.

In use tax returns, Canadian County received $119,229. Last year, the return was $49,547.

In all, Canadian County communities shared $6,776,293. That is up $1.2 million over the previous year, when the return was $5,543,875.

For use tax, the county received $1,292,440. Last year’s use tax return was $480,732.

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