Versatility key to making Yukon girls soccer team

The girls soccer program hosted a two-day tryout on Wednesday and Thursday at Miller Stadium for freshman trying to make it onto the high school team.

Roughly 45 girls tried out. Yukon coach Steve Scott talked about what he is looking for when adding players to his program.

“We look for aggressive players who can play multiple positions,” Scott said. “When we evaluate a player, we like to be able to envision them playing multiple positions for us. There will be years that we need a certain position more than others, so if a player can only play one position and that’s not the position we need, it will be more difficult for her to make the roster.”

Scott said being a good communicator is key to make his program.

“We look for girls who are going to be good communicators on the field when they are playing at game speed,” Scott said. “We need them to be aggressive and be physical.”

The first day of the tryout was agility and speed work to see how the girls moved and changed directions.

“We had the clock on them an evaluated their movements,” Scott said. “We put them through several agility drills where they were changing directions and then we wanted to see their overall speed in a straight-away sprint. After that, we put them in tight spaces and let them play 4v4 and watched them navigate and move the ball.”

On day two, several of the varsity girls came out and scrimmaged with the girls trying out. Scott said he wanted to see how they would react against varsity caliber players.

“The pace of the game is so fast,” Scott said. “It’s even faster than club soccer. Club soccer is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but the physicality and the pace of the game at the varsity level is more comparable to college.”

Scott said he doesn’t have an exact number on how many girls will make the team but it will depend on what he needs in his program and how many have the skill level it takes to compete at the high school level.

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