McGuire earns All-State cheer honors

Yukon senior cheerleader Julia McGuire was selected to the Large School West All-State cheer squad last week after her performance at the All-State cheer tryouts in Owasso.

Fellow Yukon senior cheerleaders Aspen Holder and Channa Hines joined McGuire in the All-Region tryouts in Woodward. McGuire was named to the All-Region team and had the top score of all the individual cheerleaders in the region.

After she made the All-Region cheer squad, McGuire advanced to the All-State tryouts at Owasso High School, where she competed against the other top cheerleaders in the state on the west side.

“I was so excited when I found out I made it,” McGuire said. “I didn’t think I was going to make it because I was going up against the best cheerleaders in the state. I have always wanted to make All-State. When I was back at Jenks, I would always go and watch the All-State tryouts and hoped I would have a chance to make it someday, so this is a dream come true.”

McGuire moved to Yukon after her sophomore year of high school. The senior spent her first two years of high school going to Jenks. McGuire said the transition has been different but a good one.

“It’s very different going from Jenks to Yukon,” McGuire said. “Jenks had a huge cheer squad, there were three different cheer squads at the whole high school up there and down here at Yukon, there is just one but I would say the transition has been good.”

McGuire will compete with the other All-State cheerleaders at the All-State Games in late July in Tulsa.

“It will almost be like going to a cheer camp,” McGuire said. “We will go stay in a hotel and then learn a routine for the All-State basketball games and perform there and then learn a routine for the All-State football games and perform there.”

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